How Fortnite Is Bossing The Video Gaming World

How Fortnite Is Bossing The Video Gaming World


Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world right now, with millions of players playing it every day and even more people are watching others play it on Twitch or YouTube. It's impressive how it has mesmerized so many people and turned gamers into Fortnite fanatics. But why? What about this game appeals to so many people? Let's take a look at some reasons why everyone loves Fortnite!

The phenomenally popular multiplayer, survival shooter game is available on various platforms. Up to 100 players can go head to head until there's one player left standing in a battle royale style conflict.

This sounds just like any other first-person shooter game, right? How come it has become so successful? Keep reading if you are curious to know.

The Reasons Behind Fortnite's Worldwide Popularity

How Fortnite Is Bossing The Video Gaming World


Why does it seem like everyone and their friends are playing Fortnite? It's because like every other popular game, it has its own unique attractions. These 11 reasons will shed some light on the popularity of the game and its place in our culture today.

It's a free game to play

You can play the game for absolutely free. No need to pay a single penny whether you play the Battle Royale or Creative mode. The developer company earns from Battle Passes, in-app sales, and other forms of micro-transactions but these features don't affect the game too much and only really help to speed up your progress.

The game is accessible on many different platforms

You can play Fortnite on pretty much every platform you could think of, including PlayStation, Xbox One, PC/Mac, Nintendo Switch, and iOS (with a few Android devices too). This means that you can play with all of your friends and family on any available device.

Appealing gameplay

Fortnite's gameplay appeals to people with various skill levels. It also allows you to play in different modes.

There are multiple game modes such as Solo (playing against 99 other people), Duo (teaming up with another player in matches of 50), and Squad (playing against other teams in matches of four). This means that there's something for everyone, whether you like playing one-on-one or teaming up to take on the world.

Easy to squad up with friends

Fortnite is super easy to learn and play so you can jump in with your friends without too many problems. Just invite your friends, form a squad, and play. It's also much more enjoyable to play with a group than going solo.

Consistent and regular updates

The game is constantly getting new content updates, which keep things fresh and exciting. Epic Games have definitely been hard at work since the game first came out, constantly adding new weapons, skins, and other items to keep things interesting.

One of the latest weapons is the Rail Gun, a sniper rifle that pierces through surfaces. It does sound frightening and will surely bother many players.

Stunning graphics for a free game

Even the critics of the game have no scope to complain about the graphics. They're so good! The gameplay is super smooth and everything looks great, especially with how bright and colorful things are.

Lots of action

One of the best things about Fortnite is that there's always action going on. Whether you're playing solo or with a group, it can be really intense and exciting! There are often lots of players in a single game which means that everyone will get involved with each other and have to fight for their lives (especially when you land on the map!). You will always have plenty of enemies to run into.

Provides adrenaline boost over and over

Fortnite is a really fun game because there's always something to look forward to when playing it. Things are happening all the time, which means that you'll never get bored.

Also, the rewards of the loot have been designed so strategically that players never lose interest. Every time you get a treasure chest, you will get curious about what's inside. The anticipation of receiving a shield, a legendary weapon, or medical supplies gives a rush of adrenaline.

Fortnite has impressive background sounds

It's not just the graphics and animations which make this game so good. The sound effects are also really important to help you become immersed in what's going on. Whether it's individual game sounds or background music.

The piercing sound of a sniper rifle shot, the pop sound of the balloon drop, or the hymn of the hidden loot — everything is so spot-on.

A super helpful and supportive community

This might be a little bit of an unusual reason why people enjoy Fortnite but hear me out... The online gaming community can sometimes have a bad reputation for being mean or rude to each other, but that's not the case with Fortnite.

When you play this game there are always new people joining in and making friends so it can be very fun. There are players from all over the world. You get the chance to share unique experiences with people from different cultures.

An active fanbase and abundant fun content

The community has created some awesome fan-made content that you can enjoy watching or reading online. For example, some very talented Fortnite artists draw cool pictures of fan-favorite characters and they've even made comics about the game.

There's also a huge amount of YouTube videos out there to watch which will give you tips on how to play better or what strategies work best. Also, pro gamers often stream gameplay from their YouTube and Twitch accounts. You can enjoy the streams for free and learn many tips on how to play better.


It's actually quite impressive how popular Fortnite has become, especially when you take into consideration that it was only released in 2017! You can play with people from all over the world which is really fun. The game has been designed in a way so all players have a good time with it.

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